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Benefits of GlobalCIS®

Enjoy the tangible benefits of subscribing to

GlobalCIS® subscribers quickly begin to appreciate the advantages, convenience and substantial cost-savings involved in obtaining credit reports and credit-related information on companies located world.

The key attractions to subscribers in using GlobalCIS® are:
  • Convenience of new internet technology requiring only one point of contact for regional coverage
    For the first time in credit reporting history, as a result of ACP’s major investments in regional infrastructure and proprietary software, GlobalCIS® has been able to consolidate on-line access to 220 throughout the world into a single database and at the same time also provide a unique ordering system for customized freshly investigated credit reports.

  • Low & uniform cost of customized credit reports (Fullcheck reports)
    GlobalCIS® represents the region’s most cost-effective internet based platform to access fresh credit reports on companies in GlobalCIS®. A uniform pricing structure is maintained world. Substantially reduced banking charges because of the way in which the e-Business for GlobalCIS® is structured, subscribers will only pay a one-time banking charge per transfer, eliminating all incurred banking charges normally incurred when remitting funds to different suppliers in different countries.

  • Instant access to corporate data
    GlobalCIS® offers subscribers cost effective rates to access instantaneous corporate data globally. Due to the centralized database of 65 million companies, often the necessity to place an order for a Fullcheck report will be alleviated by the fact that subscribers can download existing credit reports.

  • Fastest delivery time for customized reports
    GlobalCIS® always attempts to have a fresh Fullcheck report completed and delivered within five (5) working days.

  • One centralized tracking system and point of contact to monitor production and delivery of customized Fullcheck reports
    Instead of having to refer questions to different offices and people throughout the world for reports which may for whatever reason be behind schedule, GlobalCIS® customers simply have a one point of contact, the Traffic Desk Controller. Upon receipt of a customer email inquiring about a respective report, quick and simple feedback will be provided on the status of the report in whichever country it has been placed.

  • 100% uniformity of report layout and wording for ALL reports from ALL countries
    GlobalCIS® reports for ALL countries are presented in a uniform format. Regardless of whether you are purchasing a report on companies in China or in Italy, ALL reports are presented and delivered in a uniform format.

  • Available internationally 24 hours a day & 7 days a week
    GlobalCIS® computer center operates 24 hours a day and 7 days a week throughout the year to provide unmatched on-line support. This 24 hour availability ensures that the problems usually associated with different time zones, are eliminated allowing subscribers to place orders anytime of the day in any country worldwide.

  • Special insight into inter-regional corporate ownership
    GlobalCIS® provides extensive corporate "linking" of companies, to highlight the cross-border inter-ownership that now extensively exists throughout the world. Therefore when subscribers receive GlobalCIS® Fastcheck in-depth or Fullcheck reports they will be able to clearly identify links between the company of interest and all other subsidiaries, joint-ventures and affiliate companies in and outside the country in which the respective company is located.