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About GlobalCIS®

In today's complex and fast-changing global business environment, obtaining independent and reliable verification of a company's business credentials, background and level of reliability is not always an easy task.

Companies that are successful globally rely on people who know how to analyze companies. The team behind GlobalCIS® are the established corporate credit reporting professionals - people who have specialized in the industry for more than 48 years.

Traditional sources and access to credit-related information on companies in the region, has been historically highly fragmented, characterized with various degrees of inconsistencies from country to country, and invariably the inability to verify cross-border corporate relationships.

GlobalCIS® understands the need for a single integrated credit information platform on the region and GlobalCIS® provides that solution, combining the resources of more than credit professionals throughout the world, and smart I.T. solutions for production, processing, and delivery of credit reports.

With offices and distributors in 230 countries globally and a fulltime team of 1,540 staff dedicated to updating the database and related reports.

GlobalCIS® continues to set the standard for Global credit information for the new millennia.