Nega-scan Report

Sample Report - Nega-scan Report Click here for sample.

Nega-scan Reports provide GlobalCIS® subscribers with instant detail on each of the adverse items listed in Nega-scan Indicator. Levels of public disclosure vary considerably from country to country, and depending on the respective level of disclosures available,GlobalCIS® monitors and processes the details listed below.

Features of the Nega-scan Report

Report contents identify the following levels of information:

  • Dishonored Checks
    - Date,
    - Amount, and
    - Reasons for the non-payment
  • Debt
    - Party to whom the Debt is owed.
    - Reasons for the debt.
    - Date on which the debt was incurred.
    - Whether the debt has been resolved.
  • Civil Litigation
    - Plaintiff or Defendant
    - Date of the legal action
    - Court
    - Reason for the civil litigation
    - Amount /s involved
  • Performance Defaults
    - Type of default (Public tender, private contract, or others)
    - Date of default
    - Related parties
    - Reasons for default
    - Dollar amounts involved.
  • Adverse Press Coverage (Predominantly local language media)
    - Date of the media coverage
    - Name of media
    - Brief summary of the contents
    - Parties involved