Nega-scan Indicator

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One of the great benefits and cost-savings to any Credit Manager considering credit terms to a third party, is to be able to access and understand both historically and currently, the status of adverse data relating to that party to which credit might be extended. - GlobalCIS® Nega-Scan Indicator provides that ability to subscribers.

Every month GlobalCIS® data analysts process more than 4.3 million data fields of data, identifying, linking and storing adverse information appearing on companies throughout the region. Whenever such data is found, it is automatically registered and linked to that company's file, thus creating valuable input to the on-going process of monitoring corporate behavior in each market.

GlobalCIS® Nega-Scan Indicator provides an easy-to-read chart which identifies any adverse data which may have become available to analysts. Records are then allocated with a color code, namely:

  • Red indicating adverse data identified by GlobalCIS® within the most recent 6 months
  • Blue indicating adverse data identified by GlobalCIS® beyond the most recent 6 months

Features of the Nega-scan Indicator

DC Dishonored Checks
DB Debt
LT Civil Litigation
PD Performance Defaults
AP Adverse Press Coverage