Fastcheck - In-depth Credit Report

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GlobalCIS® Fastcheck Reports are the quickest means of obtaining or checking information on companies globally.

Key uses of Fastcheck In-depth Credit Reports include:

  • A cost-effective method of checking a company's background, prior to entering into business discussions or negotiations;
  • The credit-worthiness of a potential agent or representative of your company;
  • Competitor analysis;
  • Verification of a company's track record and history of any previous adverse business dealings.
Data Fields  Basic Credit Report
 Detailed Credit Report
 In-depth Credit Report
Business Entity Name
Main Address & Zip
Facsimile Number
Cellular Telephone
Web Site
Factory Address & Zip
Factory Telphone
Factory Facsimile Number
Industry Sector
Business Type
Establishment Year
P.O. Box
SIC Product Classifications
Harmonized Product Classifications
Detailed Product Description
Business Activity for each Product / Material / Service listed
Registered Capital
Legal Form - Category
Legal Form - Abbreviation
Legal Form
Direct Parent Nationality
Direct Parent Company Name
Indirect Parent Nationality
Indirect Parent Company Name
Brands & Trademarks
Senior Management
Company Registration
Previous Name/s
Financials - Summary
Bank References
Branch Management
Payment Terms
Credit Ratings / Score
Risk Analysis
Financials - Detailed
Adverse Business Dealings Contents. (Nega-scan)
Core Business Details
Factory Facilities & Manufacturing Capabilities
Subsidiaries, Joint-Ventures & Affiliates
Related Parties Description
Overseas Business Activities
Import Agency Listing
Local Distribution Warehousing
International Trade - Statistics
International Trade - Activity & Markets
Overseas Agents and Distributors
Overseas Suppliers
Overseas Customers
Domestic Suppliers
Domestic Customers
Office & Facilities
Warehousing Facilities
Factories, Size & Locations
Factory Equipment
Technologies Used
Company History
Strategic Partner/s & Alliances
Quality Accreditation