Fastcheck - Detailed Credit Report

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GlobalCIS® Fastcheck Reports are the quickest means of obtaining or checking information on companies globally.

GlobalCIS® Detailed Credit Report includes all the data fields which are listed for a Basic Credit Report, plus an additional four (4) key areas of information, including (when available):

- Senior Corporate Management
- Financials
- Number of branches within the country
- Details on branches, including, location, contact details and management.

Key uses of Fastcheck Detailed Credit Reports include:

  • An instant check on more detailed elements regarding a company’s management and financial status;
  • A quick and inexpensive check on the level of financial data that might be publicly available on targeted companies;
  • Provide short-listing of key management and decision makers;
  • Identification and points of reference in the banking industry.
Data Fields  Basic Credit Report
 Detailed Credit Report
Basic Credit Report
Factory Address & Zip
Factory Tel & Fax
SIC Product Classification
Harmonized Product Classification
Company Registration
Company Management
Previous Name/s
Stock Exchange Listing Details
Direct Corporate Parent Nationality
Direct Corporate Parent Company Name
Indirect Corporate Parent Nationality
Indirect Corporate Parent Company Name
Financials - Summary
Bank References
Branch Management
Payment Terms