Company Search & Validation

Sample Report - Company Search & Validation Click here for sample.

GlobalCIS® Company Search & Validation provides subscribers with the ability to confirm the legal status of businesses anywhere in the world, regardless of whether the entity is found to exist on the GlobalCIS® database.

There are two types of searches possible:

(a) Database Company Search & Validation
This mechanism provides access to records as currently available in GlobalCIS® database.

(b) FreshCheck Company Search & Validation
In instances whereby it is essential for subscribers to obtain the most current records registered with local government offices responsible for corporate registration, GlobalCIS® investigators will check with local authorities, and confirm the current legal status of that entity.

In instances, whereby it is found that the business entity does NOT exist, a report will be prepared and emailed to the subscriber, confirming:

  • The date on which government records were checked.
  • The name of the government office at which the search was conducted.
  • A confirmation that no entity by the specified name was found.

In instances, whereby it is found that the business entity does exist, GlobalCIS® investigators will provide up-to-the-minute confirmation of the following data fields:

  • Legal Business Entity Name
  • Registration Number (where applicable)
  • Type of License
  • Date of Incorporation
  • Ownership (where available)
  • Legally registered place of business